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Help yourself at the healthiest web site in the world, with MrShortcut

This "shapelink" is just a taste of the many hundreds of EyeCandy websites
designed, created, uploaded and refined by MisterShortcut with you the reason.
MisterShortcut was so convinced of your excellence he invested more than 51,000 hours bringing you here.
Now, it's your turn.     Your turn to excel, using the magnificently powerful shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
each and each of more than a million interactive pages from MisterShortcut - Godfather of EyeCandy
All focused on you personally, no need to buy a thing,   all here for your life.
As you enter this very exciting ride of your life, learn to push your F11 keyboard button...     ... often.

(Pssst.     There are thousands of hidden treats when you learn to move your mouse into hidden corners and obvious ones too.)
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However many of the free sites die, there are scores of sites that are fully hosted, all here for your life.

There are many, MANY hidden delights and features through these 1,000,000+ unique webpages, so

Regarding the shapelinks, yes, they all lead back to MisterShortcut pages.
to most or all of a thousand different Masters and Millionaires websites,
all designed to be free for your life because you are all that.
More than ninety percent of all the pages within these sites,
all from one pair of hands lucky enough to study so many masters.

If this is not art,
then the credibility of what's been gained from the most recent thousands of books I've read (the first six thousand were mostly fiction)
is distinctly undermined..., so we'll leave it to you to decide if indeed this is the EyeCandy Capital.

Creating for you has been a privilege, one that has not been taken lightly.
The effort is made for life's medicine to taste so good here, you want more.
Pump more joy into your life and you suddenly find work or school palatable.
There is something about the chemicals your body produces when happy.
Understanding it comprehensively can take many thousands of hours.
Getting life juice from it only takes a matter of seconds.
If you knew better, wouldn't you be doing it better?
Every one of a hundred world records and more,
all credited to an individual personality,
were all due to the pioneering of those who knew better,
those who did it better, whose actions are louder than your words.

In every argument you ever have, the arguement is the fault of the smarter person.
There is only one way to tell the difference: whoever is smart enough to produce a resolution.
Shhhh. Please. Shhhhh. Suspend consideration of your personality or mine, his or hers, for just sixty seconds.

In every argument you have from this moment, you mathematically triple the likelihood of your winning it.
You do so by putting your brain, with nothing more and nothing less than a stated command to yourself,
into the zone, one of your best zones, instaneously. You might choose to call it the resolution zone.
Again, it is one of your most effectively powerful zones, and you go into it EVERY time you choose.
Think about it: every single time you choose to come up with an answer no matter what's happening,
you manage to come up with answers. It's laughably funny, and some of us do laugh at you,
because when you suddenly need to get a bit of work done or get a critical bill paid,
you prove that you possess that magical power of "THE ANSWER" and then forget it,
the power of the resolution zone stuck in a dormant, damp corner of your mind,
thoroughly untapped until you hit the wall on the next crisis in your life.

What's the matter with you? When do you stop kicking yourself down the heap?

What exactly do you require to wake up to the fact that you're surrounded with tools,
you now have the ability to ask not just a town or a city, or even a state-wide region;
you can ask a billion people online for whatever it is that you want, and you can ask repeatedly.

What's funny is that, for the time being, you can do so without spending any money at all, not a penny.
Admittedly, creating the first few hundred thousand pages did, at the end, require a four-dollar payment,
and you can be sure that the Masters and Millionaires networks, all of the Shapelinks Shortcut Way websites,
twenty-one million links, were created without a single penny outside of that four-dollar phone reimbursement.

outperformed not just any of the Fortune 100 company working on the World Wide Web; rather, all of them combined
For more than 1,200 keywords and keyphrases, a majority of the top 100 listings, for years, all ended up hereabouts,
somewhere within the Shapelinks Shortcut Way of Masters and Millionaires, and never a dime was spent in promotions.

That means there is no excuse for you not to ask a billion people up to one hundred or even a thousand times each.
You can't say you're broke. If you can afford to be on the internet, then you can afford to invest your minutes.
Identify precisely what it is you want, and then ask nicely. Find another way to ask and add it to the list.
Even if you only invest one percent of your time into this project, that's nearly fifteen minutes per day.
Watch and see how many collateral ways you benefit from the efforts, such as mastery of design skills,
even when you do not intend it. It's a positive form of collateral damage. Call it collateral benefit.
There is collateral benefit to every single task that you decide to master. Here, we use shortcuts.
The best shortcuts of people who do it best: masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
That is the crux and crumpet of the Shapelinks Shortcut Way of Masters and Millionaires,
designed to help you help yourself... so as to be in a better position to help others.
That way, things work out, neatly and nicely tied up like a gift-wrapped present.
You're familiar with the word "present," aren't you? It means gift, right?
Tell us, do you think it's coincidence that today is called the "present?"
Have you ever given just a moment's thought to the power it gives you?
Today is a present; a twenty-four hour gift that will never occur again.
It's so retinally unique it has a one-time label never to be used by any other today.
That's quite a label, isn't it?   A gift inside made up one thousand, four hundred and forty smaller gifts.
Each one of them is called a minute, and each carries your seed of greatness. Whether you water and nurture it or not...

It's wise to remember on a regular and repeat basis that what you know means little to any of us, including yourself.
It is what you DO with what you know that fascinates us.
Do more with what you know.   The payoffs and fast and many.

MisterShortcut created these thousand huge websites because you have demonstrated hunger to learn more in order to live more,
There's no argument that you're given enormously powerful information here,
from learning to ask more in order to receive more,     or giving people choices rather than asking yes or no questions,
and that more air and water absolutely supersedes eighty percent of all the world's supplements and foods,
tremendously useful information absolutely and one-conditionally guaranteed to improve results.
These three million highly-focused minutes are presented to you at no charge with cause.
The cause is the erasure of starvation. It's stupid, preventable, and criminal.
With enough food on the planet for all of us, it's unacceptable that children are starving.
Every single nation on earth has people who are not getting enough food.   That must change.
You're provided with the wisdom and utility of the in return for helping.
Today, you can help by clicking on free buttons that help to feed people. Tomorrow? You'll decide.

The expects WHAT from you?
One basic effort: doing more with what you know now.

Is there any chance you'll heed the call to immediate excellence?
You will observe yourself getting successful.
Happiness is that highest state, so guarantees of happiness are unreasonable.
"Guaranteed to be happier" is more easily fulfilled.
There are so many shortcuts available for you to make use of.

When did you last realize, just for one example of many instant resources to power,
that you have the ability to ask a question not merely from a bright librarian or a Harvard professor.
No, you get to ask tens of millions of computers your question,
because that is precisely what you do when you go to a search engine.
You're asking millions and more millions of computers in hundreds of languages, covering every known subject.

Experts.     They're an excellent source, provided they are actually doing it at world-class.
We generally recognize them as masters or millionaires, champions or billionaires.
Everyone else is full of crapulous invective,   technobabble,   or the blatherskite of excuses.

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