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The best thing about being this smart is the ability to recognize others doing better.
Suspending your ego is, without licit refutation, one of the three most profitable steps.
Tens of thousands of steps and skills we can exercise in the presence of other humans.
Ego suspension doesn't even need to be displayed to others - it's a self-fulfilling operation.
This one step will save you more cash than any other single bargaining technique can hope for.

"Turning off my ego?" What in blazes is "turning off your ego" supposed to mean. How do I do this?
Begin by stopping. Since it's something you're doing actively, just stop. Makes it easy to start quickly and well.
When you make your buying decisions, remove considerations of what your neighbors or co-workers will think.
Frankly, who cares what they think? They're not paying for this. Plus, people are not impressed by mere names.
If having someone's name on a garment makes you more successful in your mind, you really need help.
Stop putting more value on someone else just because their name is well-known, and focus on yours.
Your name, your life, your personality, your unique outlook on how things work in life,
your deliverance of love or skill or art or whatever it is you're on earth to deliver.
Your take is far more influential on your life than those of any celebrity's,
unless you're inspired by the beneficence of Paul Newman types.
Your life and how you're living it counts for more in your life.
The celebrity will never know that you paid them extra,
so spend your money in quality, not celbrity.
You'll save hundreds and thousands.

Create your own shortcuts.
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